Review: The Cetus3D Printer

Launched through a successful Kickstarter campaign last year, the Cetus3D Printer has proven itself to be a rare exception. While the 3D Printing community has become understandably wary of crowd funded projects, the Cetus3D not only managed to meet but exceed most expectations. Providing backers with a well built, low cost option, they have created two of the best… Continue reading Review: The Cetus3D Printer


Guide: Installing the Z-Brace Mod Kit (Maker Select v2)

The beauty of the Maker Select and Wanhao Duplicator printers is that with several upgrades, they can achieve results that rival much more expensive machines. At the top of the list for upgrades, you will always find the Z-Brace Mod as the number one recommendation. The i3 frame design is quite popular and remains a… Continue reading Guide: Installing the Z-Brace Mod Kit (Maker Select v2)