Black Friday Deals 2018 (3D Printing Edition)

Black Friday is right around the corner and everything from 3D printers to filament will be going on sale. Some retailers already have promotions active, while others are waiting for this weekend before the discounts go live. Last year we saw great black friday deals from Creality, Lulzbot, Monoprice and more, where we can expect […]

6 Critical Safety Mods to Upgrade the Anet A8

In the last few months alone, the budget friendly Anet A8 has been responsible for more than half a dozen fires and counting. The “It won’t happen to me” mentality is all too common and nearly as dangerous as the 3D printer itself. Often hailed as the perfect beginner machine, many reviews fail to point […]

How to Make Money with 3D Printers

If you missed out on the fidget spinner craze, it was the pinnacle of 3D printing for profit. Makers were churning these out by the dozens and selling to coworkers, gas stations and even their children’s friends. For those that jumped on this fad early, the machines more than paid for themselves during the span […]

The 10 Essential Tools for 3D Printing

While most modern 3D Printers include a complete set of basic tools, there is a number of additional items that can greatly improve your workflow. For those that are proactive, making sure you have the necessary tools should the need arise can save both time and money. Far too many times I have bought inferior […]

Essential Mods to Upgrade Your 3D Printer (Maker Select v2)

When I first purchased my Maker Select, I already had a hefty list of mods planned before it even arrived. I spent weeks researching every ounce of information available, prepared to replace or upgrade any parts that would help improve my prints. While these machines have fantastic results right out of the box, a few […]

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