How to Make Money with 3D Printers

If you missed out on the fidget spinner craze, it was the pinnacle of 3D printing for profit. Makers were churning these out by the dozens and selling to coworkers, gas stations and even their children’s friends. For those that jumped on this fad early, the machines more than paid for themselves during the span […]

Review: The Creality Ender 3 (3D Printer Kit)

When the Ender 3 was announced at the end of March, it quickly became the most anticipated 3D Printer of 2018. After dominating the mid-range budget market with their flagship CR-10, Creality focused their attention on the low-end sector and raised the bar once again. Similar in many regards to its big brother, the Ender […]

Guide: How to Make a Filament Dryer for $30

When it comes to 3D printing, I am notorious for leaving my filament exposed to the environment. With rolls left out for weeks (sometimes months) at a time, they start to absorb moisture from the air and ruin the print quality, long before I ever decide to use them again. This is where the Filament […]

Guide: How to Assemble the Creality Ender-3

Following the immense success of the CR-10, Creality has once again outdone themselves with the new Ender-3. Taking notes from its big brother, this budget friendly machine is nearly identical in many regards, with small yet effective design changes to meet a lower price point. Review: The Creality Ender 3 (3D Printer Kit) Despite the […]

RepRap Champion reopens as Gulfcoast Robotics

As many have noticed by now, the RepRap Champion website vanished in February without a trace. Being one of the largest parts suppliers for the 3D Printing community and manufacturing a range of custom products, this unexpected disappearance came as quite a surprise. Over the past several weeks, rumors have circulated as to the company’s future […]

RepRap Champion’s Christmas Giveaway (Finished)

I am excited to announce the first annual Let’s Print 3D Christmas contest, made possible by our friends at RepRap Champion. They have contributed (3) fantastic prize packages to give away for the holidays, making sure there is something available for everyone! RepRap Champion stocks hundreds of 3D Printer parts, including many custom products tailored to […]

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