How to Lubricate the Z Axis Lead Screw on 3D Printers

It’s easy to forget sometimes that 3D Printers are mechanical, and like any machine, they need routine maintenance for best results. Left unchecked, wear and tear can affect the print quality, long before we start to hear grinding bearings or a squeaking lead screw. That doesn’t mean just tightening the belts or cleaning the v-wheels […]

How To Calibrate the Extruder Steps (Ender-3 / Ender-5 / CR-10)

Calibrating the extruder steps (or e-steps) is crucial for accurate and high-quality prints. Often misconfigured from the factory, Creality 3D printers are prone to under or over extrude filament. This one setting is responsible for how much plastic gets pushed to the hotend, and without the correct value, it can cause defects like stringing, blobs […]

How to Install the LED Light Kit (Ender 3)

Traditional LED strips have often been the go to method for lighting 3D Printers. They are cheap and efficient, but also require some minor electrical and soldering skills. Hobbyists and DIYers will have no trouble with it, but the average person may skip such a project given the work involved. The LED Light Bar Kit […]

Guide: How to Upgrade an E3D V6 Hotend Clone

E3D has led the hotend market for years, and the latest E3D V6 has been the gold standard for nearly half a decade. As an open source hardware manufacturer, they release their engineering diagrams under a General Public License (GPL), providing the necessary schematics for others to view, replicate and further improve upon. Patents are […]

Guide: How to Flock 3D Prints

Have you ever touched that velvety lining inside of a jewelry box, or that fuzzy logo on a t-shirt? What about that fake white snow on Christmas trees? These are just a few examples of Flock fibers, which are almost always mistaken for other materials. In fact, it seems most people have never even heard […]

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