Guide: How to Setup Auto Bed Leveling (Ender-3)

Auto Bed Leveling (ABL) is one of those convenience features I’ve heard about for years, but it seemed complex and unnecessary for most 3D printers. My thoughts changed when I picked up the Ender-3 a few months ago, the build plate was warped in the middle and raised several millimeters higher than the outer edges, […]

Guide: How to Flash a Bootloader on Melzi Boards

If you want to add new features on your 3D Printer, such as Auto Bed Leveling or Power Loss Resume, you will probably need to flash new firmware on the electronics board. The problem is that in order to do so, the board must already have a bootloader pre-installed. Melzi boards, often used in budget […]

Guide: How to Install Stepper Motor Dampers (Ender-3)

One of the most frequent questions among 3D printer owners is how can we quiet down our machines? While some embrace the beeps and boops, even using custom g-code to play their favorite theme songs, most of us would prefer not to hear it from across the house. There are plenty of ways to reduce […]

Guide: How to Make a Filament Dryer for $30

When it comes to 3D printing, I am notorious for leaving my filament exposed to the environment. With rolls left out for weeks (sometimes months) at a time, they start to absorb moisture from the air and ruin the print quality, long before I ever decide to use them again. This is where the Filament […]

Guide: How to Assemble the Creality Ender-3

Following the immense success of the CR-10, Creality has once again outdone themselves with the new Ender-3. Taking notes from its big brother, this budget friendly machine is nearly identical in many regards, with small yet effective design changes to meet a lower price point. Review: The Creality Ender 3 (3D Printer Kit) Despite the […]

Guide: How to Upgrade the Y-Carriage Plate (Anet A8)

One of the most frequent problems that new owners face is difficulty when leveling the bed. Given the low price point, 3D Printer companies often cut corners in manufacturing that can affect the overall quality of parts. The Y-Carriage plate is an essential piece of these machines, yet it is no exception to such issues, […]

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