Guide: Upgrading the Linear Shaft Bearings (Anet A8)

When my brand new Anet A8 arrived from Ebay, I inspected all of the parts to make sure everything was included. Although it was packaged well, I noticed the bearings were practically destroyed, with many of the balls having fallen out. Without any replacements readily available, I opted to assemble the printer and change them […]

How to Finish 3D Prints with Chrome Paint

While I have 3D printed hundreds of designs over the years, not once have I taken the steps to finish a single print. There are plenty of videos and articles covering the process but they are often a general overview and leave out small but important bits of information. For someone inexperienced like myself who […]

How to Print PETG Filament with Perfect Results

PETG filament is perhaps the best material for 3D Printing. It’s extremely durable, has a moderate amount of flex, and it’s quite easy to print. Widely used in manufacturing, it can be injection molded, vacuum formed and extruded. As an FDA Approved resin, it’s also considered food safe and recyclable. This guide looks at what […]

Guide: How to Install a Glass Bed

Installing a glass bed is one of the most common upgrades on any 3D Printer, there is simply no better build surface out there. New owners find themselves with more questions than answers though, encountering a wide range of opinions as to what will work best. Suggestions include anything from using picture frame glass and […]

Guide: How to Build a SNES Classic

In the last several years, retro gaming and 8-bit systems have rose from the ashes to reclaim their former glory. What was previously a niche interest has now become a trend for nostalgic adults, excited to revisit their childhood video games or share with their own kids. If that sounds like you, we’re going to […]

Guide: Upgrading the Y-Axis Linear Bearings (Maker Select v2)

While the Maker Select and Wanhao Duplicator i3 are well built machines overall, they do make use of low grade parts to cut costs at the sacrifice of some quality. The linear bearings are a perfect example, often creating a grinding noise during movement or rough transitions as the plate travels. While this can be improved with lubrication, replacing the […]

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