Guide: How to Install a Silicone Heater Build Plate

Printed circuit boards (PCB) have long since been the gold standard for heated beds. The main advantage of a PCB heating source is the thermal distribution, keeping the temperature spread evenly across the entire surface. While these work great for small volume 3D Printers, larger sizes can take an excessive amount of time to reach […]

Guide: 3D Printing onto Fabric

Maybe you have been inspired by some awesome fabric prints you’ve seen online. Maybe you have a particular fabric printed project in mind. Or maybe (like me) you’re a serial skill-collector and you’re just looking for the next fun tool to add to your arsenal. Whatever the reason, this fun 3D printing technique will open […]

Guide: How to Upgrade the Extruder (Ender-3)

While the Ender-3 is easily one of the best 3D printers in the budget market, they have cut a few corners to reduce the manufacturing costs. The extruder is one glaring example, made from cheap plastic and an inferior brass drive gear. Having already purchased it’s big brother (the CR-10) a year prior, I was […]

Guide: How to Calibrate an Auto Bed Leveling (ABL) Sensor

Several months ago I wrote an in-depth article on How to Setup Auto Bed Leveling which covered the entire process from start to finish… at least almost. This was my first time using auto bed leveling and I was still testing out various methods to calibrate the sensor, where I decided to leave this for a separate […]

How to Upgrade the Ender 3 Y Carriage Plate

In contrast to most budget 3D Printers, the Ender 3 series doesn’t require an aftermarket Y Carriage Plate to fix problems. Considering this machine is among the cheapest on the market, Creality3D did an excellent job on the build quality and the stock carriage is perfectly sufficient. There is always room for improvement though and […]

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