Guide: Installing the Z-Brace Mod Kit (Maker Select v2)

The beauty of the Maker Select and Wanhao Duplicator printers is that with several upgrades, they can achieve results that rival much more expensive machines. At the top of the list for upgrades, you will always find the Z-Brace Mod as the number one recommendation. The i3 frame design is quite popular and remains a […]

Guide: Replacing the Y-Carriage Plate (Maker Select v2)

In recent weeks, replacing the Y-Carriage Plate has become one of the most popular mods among the Maker Select and Wanhao Duplicator community. The plate included with these printers is stamped metal which tends to easily warp with usage, making it vastly more difficult to properly level the bed. After taking my Y-Carriage plate off the printer […]

Guide: Upgrading the Extruder Gear (Maker Select v2)

Replacing the stock extruder gear is a cheap, quick and easy upgrade that can drastically improve print quality and reduce defects. The extruder gear’s job is to pull your filament from the spool and feed it into the hotend. The original brass gear however has large, widely spaced teeth with dull edges that can result […]

Guide: Installing a MOSFET Board (Maker Select v2)

After countless hours of choosing a 3D Printer, I fell in love with the Maker Select (a.k.a. Wanhao Duplicator i3). I read every review on Amazon, Reddit discussion and web article I could find before finally landing there. The one major drawback was a problem from the factory… they are ticking time bombs. Without making some changes, […]

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