How to Install Klipper on the Creality Cloud WiFi Box

The is a fantastic concept, but a horrible product. It’s intended to rival the likes of OctoPrint and AstroBox, providing network control for 3D Printers, with a simple app interface that can slice and send files to print remotely. Unfortunately it doesn’t even meet the most basic expectations, but we can repurpose the device with […]

How to Install the Gulfcoast Robotics Heated Bed (Ender 3 / 5)

Creality 3D Printers are notorious for having a warped heated bed. The Ender 3 and 5 series have it the worst, with seemingly zero quality control on what reaches the customers. Purchasing a glass plate has become almost a necessity, a band-aid fix to cover up underlying surface problems. With flatness tolerances ranging anywhere from […]

How to Install the SKR Mini E3 Board (Ender-3)

The SKR Mini E3 is an affordable, 32 bit board upgrade for the Ender-3 and Ender-5 3D Printers. The form factor (shape) and layout are an exact match to the original Creality boards, making it a simple drop-in replacement. It comes with a blazing fast 32 bit ARM Cortex processor, the latest TMC 2209 silent […]

How to Crimp JST Connectors for 3D Printers

When I first started down the rabbit hole of 3D Printer upgrades, one of my earliest projects was installing a V6 hotend on the Anet A8. It came with a small, 30mm cooling fan and plenty of wiring length was included, but it didn’t have a plug for the board. This conundrum introduced me to […]

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